You don’t want to get buff?

To achieve maximal health, you need to get stronger. Lifting heavy weight, for
women, will cause your muscles to grow (NOT GET BUFF), which will increase
metabolism, bones become denser, hormonal regulation improves that means a much
more manageable menstrual period for women, among many other positive benefits,
your central nervous system responds by learning how to recruit more muscle
fibers to contract on demand and it becomes more resilient to physical stress.
DID YOU KNOW- Muscle tissue is more “active” than fat tissue, with each kilo of
muscle burning about 30 calories a day just to sustain itself. So even if you’re
sitting on the couch or are stuck at your desk for eight hours a day, the extra
muscle mass you develop will burn more calories, helping you keep weight off for

You think you are weak?

You will be surprised what how much weight your body
can move while doing compound movements. You MUST train heavy lifts. You are
better than the 5kg dumbbell!! But them back the top shelf and go for the
minimum 10kgs, or even better get a barbell and load it up with minimum 20kg on
a 10 or 15kg bar and get deadlifting and squatting.

You don’t how this relates to your running or other sporting activities?

Strength training using weights is one of the fastest ways to increase your
running speed and drastically reduce your risk of injury great for our games
players…BUT very relevant also endurance runner, having more strength and power

Allow you to swing your arms and legs much with “less effort” because your
muscles are stronger. Allow you to swing your arms and legs with more “force” because your muscles are
stronger. If you continue your endurance training and add the strength training component,
you expect to reduce your 5k and 10k runs by as much as 10-20 minutes.

You don’t want to be shown up by the boys?

While it’s fun to work on your strengths, you MUST train up your weaknesses. You
are only as strong as your weakest link. Women are often weakest in these key
muscle groups: hip adductors/abductors (inner and outer thighs), triceps,
shoulders, and mid-upper back. Most people in general have weak hamstrings as
well so make sure to work those too. Fill in your own muscular weaknesses with
extra accessory work, and don’t worry then Men will be training these accessory
muscles as well, the difference is us women want to be tones and lose fat…they
just want to flex in the mirror.

You don’t know what to do?

So much information out there- My fav is Pinterest and of course YouTube! Or
many awesome lady lifters to follow on Instagram

So what are you waiting for?

Get minimum 2 strength sessions in a week!

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