What is S&C? Firstly, Strength and Conditioning (S&C) is more than lifting heavy weights – instead, it encompasses sports development as a whole and is needed to improve physical performance. Typically includes Plyometrics, Speed and Agility, Endurance, Core Stability and Strength training.

Why S&C at SportsFit? We offer a variety of both strength and conditioning sessions. Over a 5 day period which will improve general fitness + for those training for as sport or physical activity will increase athletic performance, which usually means improving athletes’ speed, strength and power.


  1. More resistant to injury: ”A higher level of motor control and a better understanding of how your body moves in space, allows us to take more control over injury prevention. Strategies of how to correctly stabilise the core, distribute body weight and resist force are all areas which can lower the risk of. When you work out or train for specific sports or activities all year round you have increased injury risk and musculoskeletal pain. A properly designed strength and conditioning program guards against over development of a specific set muscle group by incorporating exercises to balance and provide joint stability for sport specific movement.
  2. Increase in strength: strength training helps you lose weight! Fact! Plus Muscle strength, increased bone mineral density and increased strength in the connective tissues or tendons and ligaments are among the benefits of strength training, all allowing you to be able to do simple daily activities like lifting your suitcase or event stepping up on a chair to reach a high object!
  3. More enjoyment in movement and physical activity for a lifetime: Through research, we know that those individuals who enjoy movement and physical activity are those who are the most likely to continue a healthy exercise lifestyle through their lives. It is much easier to enjoy physical activity when you move well and with no pain during the process. Strength and conditioning is a way to learn how to positively impact movement quality through mobility and movement training. All movements in our lives have an optimal way to be performed and the better you are at performing those movements, the better chance you have of continuing those movements.

Our sessions – Timetable

Keep an eye out!: If you can’t join us in person there is no need to miss out- we will be sharing metabolic conditioning sessions each week for the next 3 weeks for you to use throughout the month of July.  Be sure to record your progress and event tag/ tweet or #tag your success in our @sportsfitlondon platforms.

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