Nicky Marsh #Sportsfitter

How long have you been training with Sportsfit?

Since a very wet and chilly November in 2014. My gym membership had just come to an end and I didn’t fancy renewing it. Sportsfit popped up on my Facebook news feed and I thought it looked right up my street as it was aimed at building strength, speed and agility.

How many sessions do you aim for a week?

I aim for three sessions per week. There is such a mix so I like to fit in the aerobic and conditioning stuff with some strength. More recently I added in Pilates which I thought I would hate (my hamstrings are like steel rods), but I keep going back for more.

What is your favourite session?

I love the ‘strength’ session in the current SportsFit programme. It is different every week, always with new challenges. Marnie encourages us to ‘go heavy’ which is something I would never normally do and I am pushed to the limit every session.

Any fitness/health sports goals you have achieved recently?

Over the past 2 years at SportsFit I have seen my fitness levels improve which has really helped on the Touch pitch especially when it comes to explosive power and speed.

If you could recommend Sportsfit to a friend what would you say in 1 sentence or 2?

I would absolutely recommend Sportsfit to a friend especially if they are looking to fit a seriously effective work-out into their busy life with a great bunch of people and an awesome coach.

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